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Improve prediction power in carbonates by leveraging different rock physics models

Carbonate reservoirs account for approximately 50 percent of the proven oil and gas reservoirs worldwide. Compared to siliciclastics, these very heterogeneous carbonates are challenging to evaluate, model and optimize due to the microstructure complexity resulting from the geology in which they are formed. Normally attributed to the carbonates’ geological processes, this complexity can be addressed by combining information from sedimentary and diagenetic descriptions, geological models, seismic analysis, and petrophysical rock properties into a single rock physics model. This rock physics-based solution integrates and crosschecks all these types of data and makes them consistent with each other.

In principle, rock physics describes and models observed geophysical behavior based on the microstructure setting of a given rock. Mainly due to carbonates’ complex pore systems, a rock physics model is more difficult to develop for carbonates than for clastics.

Therefore, improving prediction power in carbonates requires different rock physics approaches based on complex carbonate geology to maximize understanding of their microstructure. This means that carbonate geology should constrain rock physics modeling and provide suitable inputs for different depositional settings.

In this video, expert Rock Physicist Reza Saberi takes you through an essential process that adds value to existing data by combining and crosschecking different information in order to produce a unified and more complete subsurface image. You won't want to miss this!

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