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Better calibration of seismic attributes to reservoir properties can be made by rock physics for a clearer picture of what is in the field and how much of the resource can be extracted. Rock physics plays a critical role in the evaluation of well and field potential. See the latest in rock physics capabilities and get an exclusive preview of future plans in CGG GeoSoftware and how we combine the science behind our different rock physics applications: RPM, Largo and RockSI.

Adding rock physics to your workflow generates sufficient reservoir information for selecting the best drilling locations, orientation and placement. With rock physics, you get the full story of the earth model. 

In this video, Rock Physicist Dr. Reza Saberi discusses how rock physics can help assess risk, guide well placement and create probabilistic estimates of Net Pay.

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    CGG GeoSoftware provides the industry's preferred comprehensive set of software products and support for E&P multi-disciplinary teamwork. High-end, cross-product workflows enable a better understanding of reservoir properties and how they evolve through the life of the field. GeoSoftware helps reduce reservoir risk and uncertainty in seismic reservoir characterization, velocity modeling, advanced interpretation, petrophysics, rock physics AVO, and geological modeling. The GeoSoftware portfolio includes HampsonRussell, Jason, InsightEarth, PowerLog, EarthModel FT and VelPro.