Video Summary
Generate petrophysical results required for characterization of your reservoirs using petrophysical  interpretation. Greater insight into subsurface rock and fluid properties can significantly improve completion design and help E&P companies reduce their costs and risks while drilling more productive wells.

Petrophysical interpretation plays a fundamental role in the E&P process. By integrating petrophysics and rock physics you can identify facies, quantify reservoir properties and improve reserve estimates. A rock properties-based workflow produces information for well planning and economic predictions. 

In this video, Daria Lazareva shows real-world examples of petrophysics and rock physics analysis so you can understand rock properties and spend more time analyzing the geology instead of looking at massive volumes of log data.

We share how to:

  • Prep and condition data to apply environmental correction to elastic logs
  • Build a robust rock physics model using mineral and fluid volumes from petrophysical analysis as inputs for modeling elastic property logs
  • Quantitatively link rock properties with reservoir petrophysical properties

Learn how to guide well placement and relate logs and seismic to rocks.

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    CGG GeoSoftware provides the industry's preferred comprehensive set of software products and support for E&P multi-disciplinary teamwork. High-end, cross-product workflows enable a better understanding of reservoir properties and how they evolve through the life of the field. GeoSoftware helps reduce reservoir risk and uncertainty in seismic reservoir characterization, velocity modeling, advanced interpretation, petrophysics, rock physics AVO, and geological modeling. The GeoSoftware portfolio includes HampsonRussell, Jason, InsightEarth, PowerLog, EarthModel FT and VelPro.